"Giving back is what life is all about!"


Besides our MS scholarships, we created unique awards and scholarships not related to MS in 5 states


* 1st Annual Geography Bee
  St. Lawrence Catholic School in Milbank, South Dakota

  2019 Josh Pederson

* 3rd Annual Biggby Barista Scholarship
  Customers honor a barista at Standale, Alpine Ave and Hudsonville stores
  2019 Breana Malloy and Isabel Oriani – Standale store

* 3rd Annual Spelling Bee 

  Central Elementary School (Kenowa Hills Public Schools)

  2019 First Place – 5th grader Gavin Franklin

  2019 Second Place – 5th grader Jada Goerbig

* 6th  Annual Rick Szczepanski Mathematics Scholarship
  Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana
  Honoring a junior or senior who excels in mathematics

  2019 – Junior Hayley Sumich

* 6th Annual Volleyball “Leading by Example” Award

  Red Cloud High School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota
  Honoring a female varsity volleyball student / athlete

  2018 – Senior Maya Franks

* 6th Annual Melissa Rose Ziemer Scholarship

  Honoring 1991 Vincennes Lincoln High  School graduate / Chicago singer / songwriter / actress

  2018 – Senior Lindsey Sparks

* 7th Annual National Volleyball SeniorLeadership” Scholarship

  Honoring a USA female volleyball student / athlete who leads on the court and in the classroom

  2018 – Ellie Holzman / Mount  Carmel Academy / New Orleans, Louisiana

* 9th Annual “Faith and LeadershipAward

  Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana

  Honoring a senior grounded in the Catholic faith and active in our communities
  2019 – Senior Sophie Mae Brady

* 10th Annual Mathematics and Community Service Award 

  Grand Valley State University 

  2019 – Devan Washington / math major

* 16th Annual Varsity Volleyball “Role Model” Award  

   Battle Creek St. Philip Catholic Central High School 

   20 Time Class D State Champions

   2018 – Senior Maya Segovia 

* 19th Annual Spelling Bee 

   Highlands Middle School (Northview Public Schools)

   2018 First Place – Marran Duckworth

   2018 Second Place – Manly (Emmanuel) Gill